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This site will not be updated after September 4th of 2003.

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Team Bultaco

Welcome to the page dedicated to the preservation of

Spanish Motorcycle legend history.

AKA:....Al "Chuck" Sandy's On-line Motorcycle Museum.


Bultaco line


I select first gear. The thoroughbred pulls, as if alive. It's crisp snarl, bellowing strength and power, demands attention and concentration. The adrenaline starts to flow.
I ease the clutch out .... First, ..Second, ..Third.... the wildlife scatters as I blast down the path, trees only a blur. The red Bul's rapid heartbeat, hungrily consumes every inch of ground we overtake.... Fourth gear, and the machine seemingly becomes weightless....  I then  maneuver a flying feather....

Viva Bultaco!


Cal 4

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Bultaco line


As a collector, we are

always interested in buying Bultaco parts, basketcases, lit.,etc

Wanted: Pursangs; .......any condition except perfect!
Northeast USA is easiest!

Please visit the other wings of our Museum.

North Wing

Bultaco Model/Photo Reference Guide
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South Wing
Al's Bikes with Factory Photos

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We're always interested in buying Bultaco:

parts, bikes, basketcases, lit., etc

However we do not sell parts!

Please see links below for part requests.

E-mail to:

Bultaco Note 

Take out the Z's to mail us.

Bultaco parts are available through:


New Bul Hogan's Cycle Shop
1782 Main St.
Agawam, MA 01001
(413)786-7285 FAX

New "Bultaco" available through Hogan

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TODO TRIAL international trials reports

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