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On September 11th, the very afternoon of the World Trade Center bombing, at 2:25 PM (when ALMOST everyone's heart was in their gut),  The JeRk discussed below, deliberately Emailed me a computer viral code. 
This was not one of those mass mailing viruses you hear about on the news, this was sent only to us.  We printed the specifics and code to keep as a reference to his idoiticy.   His attempt to infect failed.
Imagine that, while the rest of the world is sick to their stomach about the thousands of people killed, this JeRk is out Emailing viruses!
This only further substantiates how much of an A**HOLE he really is......
and his Email address " *****  is applicable , he really is a net zero!


Caveat Emptor

The story goes like this; I was looking for a reasonable trail ride as the (I had 1 at that time)Pursang is a bit too fast to go plunking around on. So I responded to an ad from a person named J.R. in Somersworth who said he had a few Bultacos for sale and proceeded to tell me he had 2 Matadors that were the same model, one ran,one didn't. Both needed work but were original. The running one he wanted $175. for and the other $150. ( This was in 1993).
That sounded good to me as I figured I would buy both and use one for parts, and I had around $300. budgeted for a purchase. So I set up the trailer and drove FIVE hours to his home. When I got to his house he showed me a few bikes he had and some future projects he was going to do, etc., but no Matadors. I told him that was why I had come and hoped to buy both. ( I had called him in the morning and told him I was coming, did he still have them? , yes) He then took me outside and showed me one which he said was his,( the non-runner) and the other one which he said belonged to his friend and he wasn't sure his friend wanted to sell it! ( That one was the runner he said he wanted $175 for)
I again told him that was why I drove 5 hours to pick those up. He knew I wanted them as I had told him on the phone before I left, and I even asked that morning if he still had them. I told him to call his friend, now! He said
" He can't be bothered at work" .
Well I was pissed, but I had drove 5 hours with a trailer and wanted to go home with something. So I said, what else do you have for sale that is yours? he showed me that Alpina with what he said was 850miles original. ( The odometer had 850 miles on it and the cable was attached) He said that he had had it running a few weeks back, and wanted , you guessed it, $325!
The paint on the tank wasn't bad, but the frame was rusted prety good, and the silencer was broken. He said it had been sitting outside for a while and that was why it was rusted up. But it was all original he said. So I took it.

It was not at all as stated; it turned out the carb was a suzuki junk from a 175cc bike, and it didn't run at all. After a hone job, 2nd over rings, and a carb from a Bul it did come to life, only to find that the odometer was broken.
The crank bearings vibrated and rattled. THEY were original!

Second oversize rings on a bike with supposedly 850 miles? I don't think so.

And that is the story.
" Let the buyer beware!" Caveat Emptor.

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